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magic on ice

Magic on ice, what can that be? and can all skaters achieve it? The answer is YES!

From the first exhale in the starting pose, to the last snow into the finish and everything in-between is, where the magic lies. It's how each skater invites the audience onto the ice with them. With every element, skill and movement, all the way to each extension of the fingers, a skater is someone who has mastered this magic. Someone who has experienced the magic themselves has the ability to grab each and everyone's hand and say, "come on, let's experience this journey together".

It is a skill, and on Sunday October 20th, the skaters of Dufferin-Peel Skating Club attended a seminar that sparked each skater to find their own magic. Aaron is a former Dufferin-Peel competitive skater that has had his own journey on ice and is inspiring young athletes to have the same.

The skaters went through a series of new movements that, not only now appear in their solos, but gave them a torch to light that magical spark. Falling leaves, leg kicks, footwork, heel-clicks all were introduced in the seminar. Each element was demonstrated with the same magical journey Aaron has experienced in his career.

The next day and week the skaters of Dufferin-Peel shared it as " ooo we learned this thingy and Aaron did it so cool, it looks like this, watch watch". All we coaches can say is that, extreme excitement, fulfillment and magic were definitely passed on.

We would like to say THANK YOU to Aaron who not only spent one day with the young athletes but, also gave them a new path in their figure skating career. He welcomed in a new perspective to the importance of being comfortable in your own skate on ice.

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