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how to remain focused during competition!

It all boils down to the right mental state to perform your best, no matter what the circumstances are! Here is a list the keep close to you during the times when doubt seeps in!

1. Find really good music

-find a song that pumps you up but at the same time makes you focus

2. Surround yourself with the right people

- find people who make you feel confident. watch out for false confidence, find a support system that tells you what you need to hear and love to watch you skate

3. Don't let others distract you ( including who you look up to)

-everyone has their own style. the day of the competition stay focused, be friendly to the other skaters but do not allow other skaters change your mentality. Find your groove and keep in it.

4. Stay focused when necessary

-focus, re-focus and re-focus again. Visualisation works really well. Focus seeing yourself doing your performance. and re-focus

5. Allow sufficient time to prepare

-don't rush. warm up is important and cool down is even more important to reflect. find your ideal time to feel prepared to be the best you can be !

remember you can do this! aim to be the best you can be- always!


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