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the good burn in the comfort of you own home! - an off ice at home workout :)

Here is a great at home work out!

Warm up- You can do your own version of your warm up here are some ideas:

Tag with your dog

Run down the road


helping Mom or Dad with yard work

walk-jog-run around the block

run up hills

here is a workout!

30 second break (if needed between the exercises)

75 squats

20 pushups

1:00 min plank

60 bicycles

30 lunges (each leg)

60 bicycles

20 pushups

75 sumo squats

20 push ups

1:00 plank

60 bicycles

30 bird dogs each leg

60 bicycles

20 push ups

1:00 plank

reverse crunches for 1:00 min

reverse plank for 1:00 min

If you don't have weights you can use soup cans, or boxes, or books, anything! you can hold on to that adds weight! if not body weight is the best weight for Functional Fit!

Stay fit! - make it fun, challenge someone in your home to do the workout with you!

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