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Selecting the perfect on ice outfit

3 tips!

The right figure skating competition dress is an integral part of any performance on the ice, whether it be practice, testing, or an Olympic competition.

A figure skater needs to look and feel their best when performing, and wearing a well-fitting, well-made outfit ensures the skater does.

Select an on ice outfit according to the type of program, such as ice dancing, competitive figure skating, or testing.  Lastly, make sure it fits well and flatters the skater’s figure before adding it to your ice skating wardrobe.

Elaborately decorated competition dresses incorporate crystals, lace, sequins, and chiffon into bright colour combinations to create costumes judges remember. Figure skating competition dresses are designed to capture the attention of both audience and judge and help spectators connect the performance to the emotions of the music.

Competition outfits are made to sparkle, and their high prices reflect the extra materials and craftsmanship that goes into creating them. A well-made competition dress can be a great addition to a skater’s routine.

here are some tips to remember !

. Necklines- go with what looks great on your body

. Skirts/pants- long? short? colour?

.Fit- think the word -snug

happy shopping!


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