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okay let's do this? but how?

Support is an important part of the journey as an athlete! Family, friends, coaches but most importantly support from yourself!

Pushing yourself, aiming for goals can be a very frustrating lonely place sometimes. It can also be a great place if you understand how to utilize the support you have available to you! Here are supporting tools you have at the rink!

Being coached by different coaches: This is such a benefit! We all have different experiences, different perspectives, advice and tricks that can be of help! If you can combine all coaches together you get one big super coach! You have the benefit to seeing a different perspective of who you are as a skater each and every time you step on that ice! HOW AMAZING is that! our advice is to be open minded to all the supportive information given to you, try each and every way and we promise you will see growth!

Each other! DPSC is much like a family! The parents, coaches, and other skaters are an amazing way to see that you are in a place where you can succeed! That, that goal you are aiming for you is available to you if you connect with your penguins! They are in the same position as you- real talk is the best talk to growth as a skater!

Building confidence with christmas shows, each competitions, talking to your coach about things bothering you, asking questions, being excited to be a figure skater for Dufferin-Peel! Is a great way to allow you to support yourself.

The program availables to you- teen ranch itself- the website! The program Head Coach Patty has laid out is all set up for you to succeed! Take advantage of what is planned out for you! This includes off-ice programs! Teen ranch is an amazing facility we are very lucky to call that home! It is an olympic sized ice! Where else can you skate that makes you feel like a professional skater already?! and of course the new website! This blog is set up for you to be interactive, that means interact with the support you have! Each other, the skating club and all the tools that there! AMAZING!

Do not forget, you can do it! you have the tools available to you to set yourself for success! Take advantage of it! You got this- go out and do the best you can do, then do better!

Comment below what you do to support yourself through a tough competitive season!

lots of love



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